Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How soon will I get the Quikkut Rocker Knife and Quikkut Block Holder?

As soon as your payment has cleared in to our bank account we will dispatch the products via Australia Post. Outside Australia will be sent via airmail.

2) How sharp is the knife?

It is extremely sharp. You must be careful in its use and storage, in particular, you can easily cut yourself if the knife is at the bottom of a sink of dishes for washing.

3) Can the Quikkut Rocker Knife be washed in the dishwasher?

We don't advise it - better to clean it by hand.

4) Can it be sharpened?

Yes and we recommend this is done every 3-6 months.

5) Can I order more than one?

Yes and postage and packing per unit will be cheaper.

6) Can I speak to the designer, Tui Matthews?

Yes, just ring the phone number on our contacts page and ask for her.

DISCLAIMER: The Quikkut Rocker Knife is made of extremely sharp stainless steel. Upon purchasing the Quikkut Rocker Knife (the knife), the buyer agrees that any and all use of the knife is strictly at his or her own use, no matter whether the buyer is disabled or finds difficulty in using the knife.

Quikkut Utensils and/or Tui Matthews shall be wholly blameless for any injuries occurring as a result of the use of the knife.